Perth Premier League Darts is an exciting new event where the best of the best in WA will battle it out across 10 events, 5 brilliant venues and awesome crowds. Complete with your own walk on music and of course the walk on girls, this will be a series you will just want to be a part of so hit that practice board and lock in the dates.

The qualifying series (Q School)  for the 2018 Perth Premier League Darts series will commence in October 2017 and run until January 2018. The qualifying series will be held at the Swan Districts Football Club and will consist of nine individual events held on the following dates.

  • 21st and 22nd October 2017
  • 25th and 26th November 2017
  • 13th and 14th January 2018
  • 19th, 20th and 21st January 2018

With the exception of Friday 19th January, all other dates are Saturdays and Sundays where registration will be completed by 9.30 am and play to commence at 10.00 am. On Friday 19th January registration will be completed by 5.30 pm and play to commence at 6.00pm.

Registration Fees and Format

  • The cost per event will be $25.00 payable upon registration
  • A random draw will be conducted with an even number of players competing on each of eight boards in a round robin ‘Best of Five Legs” match.
  • The top two players from each board will progress to the last 16
  • A further random draw will be conducted with all 16 players competing in straight forward knockout ‘Best of Seven Legs’
  • The above process will continue for the Quarter and Semi Finals with games being ‘Best of Nine and Eleven Legs’ respectively
  • The final will be ‘Best of Thirteen Legs’
  • Note Perth Premier League Darts reserve the right to amend or modify the round robin series depending on numbers for each event
  • Dress Code Black trousers and black shoes along with a collared shirt

Points and Prize Money

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • Event Winner -20 Points
  • Runner Up -16 Points
  • Losing Semi Finalists -12 Points
  • Losing Quarter Finalists- 8 Points
  • Last 16 – 4 Points

Prize money will be awarded as follows:

  • Event Winner $100.00
  • Runner Up $50.00
  • Losing Semi Finalists $25.00

At the conclusion of the sixth event the top seven players in order of merit will (subject to accepting terms and conditions) qualify for the Perth Premier League.

Should there be a tie on points for the seventh place, the player who has played in the most events will secure seventh place. If it cannot be decided using this method a “Best of Nine” format will commence involving the relevant players.

Events seven, eight and nine will be run using the same process as the earlier events however each event winner will gain a ‘Wildcard’ entry into the Premier League again subject to accepting the terms and conditions.

In order to qualify for a wildcard entry, players must have played at least four of the first six qualifying rounds.

Any players who have qualified through the order of merit are not entitled to take part in the wildcard entry events, nor is a wildcard entry winner entitled to take part in the remaining wildcard events.

  • Any player serving a Darts WA, Darts WA affiliated association or any darts association suspension will be ineligible to participate in any Perth Premier League event

In order to compete in the qualifying series, you will need to have registered your interest using the form below and receive a players information pack.



Do I need to organise a playing shirt?

Perth Premier League Darts encourage will require all qualified players to have a playing shirt that integrate the Perth Premier Leage Darts and any naming rights sponsor logos. The design of the shirt is up to the players and we can help with this process, however, all players will need to invest in their own shirt and be required to wear it on stage at every event.

Does my partner have to purchase a ticket to come and watch me play?

Yes, there are no complimentary tickets on offer. Tickets cost $26.00 and are available from the respective venues and through this website

What happens if I cannot attend one of the match nights?

The fixtures for 2018 have been set well in advance so that participants can organise other activities around these dates. However should the dates clash with a prepaid holiday, significant family event such as a wedding then Perth Premier League Darts may reschedule the respective players game to another date.  There is more information regarding this within our terms and conditions.


Is there a cost involved to participate?

The only cost is the $25.00 payable at each qualifying event. Once you have qualified for the Perth Premier League Darts there is no other cost involved other than personal expenses.

Can I display a sponsor’s name on my shirt?

Yes, there is no issue with that if you have one.

Can females participate?

Absolutely, there is no gender separation however the entire format remains the same regardless of gender.

What’s the prize money breakdown for the main event?

Currently we have a total prize pool of just over $15000. This comprises of

• Winner $5000.00
• Runner Up $3000.00
• Semi Finalists $1500.00
• 5th $1000.00
• 6th $850.00
• 7th $700.00
• 8th $550.00
• 9th $450.00
• 10th $300.00

• In addition, $250.00 prize money will be paid for each of the following

1. Highest Peg rounds one to nine
2. Most 180,s thrown rounds one to nine
3. Highest single event average rounds one to nine

*In the event that two or more players tie for any of the above, prize money will be divided equally.*

Note – it’s still early and we are negotiating even more prize opportunities for our players so stay tuned.

More questions?

Send us a note via our contact page and we’ll be in touch ASAP.


Prior to competing in the qualifying series, players will need to register their interest using the form below. Perth Premier League Darts will then forward all interested players a full player information pack including our terms and conditions.